I: The general laws: Each member must highlight special membership card by the observer included aviation.
• The need to obtain approval from the observer and the observer for the flight control room.
• Payment of fees allocated for non-associate members in the club.
• Read the instruction manual and the laws set forth by the administration of the club and signed.
• User assumes full responsibility in case of any errors caused by negligence.

II: The Next Wave and save the channel number:
1. You must make sure that the number on the screen remote control is identical to the number on the big painting.
2. If there is no panel showing available bandwidth, you must question the people who came before you on the left available, and must ask each person individually so as not to get errors.
3. There are paintings of one red and one blue, and these paintings must remain the same color and if you get a different color, there is something wrong and you should check out.

III: Securing the transmitter (radio):
The transmitter is not used in places where parking was an important
1. Should be left (Antenna technology) there was a situation of low landing by someone else and engines must be Redeemed.
2. Withdrawn antennas sender when you stop the engines.
3. Must be put on the orange bar (Eril) to see the wind direction at all times, and also indicates that you are working on the router 35 or 40 or 41 or 72 MHz.

IIII: preventive measures, the pre-flight:
1. Does not allow this aircraft to fly if they pose a threat for any reason.
2. Should not be run engines in the region, which resides by the people and operated in a remote location.
3. Do not run the engine if there are people inside dedicated to your area and should be away from the process of operating a distance of 10 feet, or increase the engine speed if I was standing in front of or next to it.
4. Must not leave the plane Redeemed in a place where other aircraft operator because it would block others.
5. Process of checking the engine and the aircraft must be systematically and periodically, on each flight should not rely on the last time it flew was good, and if you have a new one at least you should check it out at least every ten flights.
6. If you are carrying and will enter the jets to the runway to prevent the passage of mid-on, but you must enter from the places allocated
7. The process of re-Alttier again to the same plane should be declarative by officials.

IV: preventive measures during a flight:
1. Anyone who wants to fly in on private club must be in possession of a certificate to practice this hobby, and if he did not have must be accompanied by coach licensed by the club's management.
2. Prevents Alttier in the following places:
- Places where there are people next to the runway.
- In positions of car and playgrounds.
- Prevents Alttier for very long distances up to the places of traffic lights or residential areas.
3. Flight line should be parallel to the direction of the wind a practical way.
4. Boot process must be made when access to the latest line on the runway (take-off line) to be away from the public.
5. Positions Taira be far away thirty feet from the runway and should not be to strip the plane that the line between positions and the runway.
6. Everyone must know the dividing line between the runway and the aircraft's position and to refrain from Alttier in the position of aircraft and areas of traffic lights and areas referred to on the map (see map).
7. Pilots do not have to deploy in areas of aircraft parking bays, but in the places reserved for them on the runway, each according to his own.
8. When the landing or flying over the runway, directly or in low-Tabran you must inform the other of illness sober science movements to be carried out.
9. On the process of a low flying should all be the wind.

VI: Recommendations of the International Federation of Air:
"Notes on the recommendations of the following words and you're the only person responsible for the security status of your
- No smoking strictly because the planes were packed with gasoline.
- Make sure that all electrical wiring safe and isolated properly.
- Make sure the plane is safe when the entire operation.
- Recommended the use of (Jack) for the Remote Control, and complete delivery of equipment must be available.
- Make sure the throttle of the engine before each flight (needle).
- Recommended the use of (chicken finger ') that there was no electricity running first (Starter)
- After you get approval from the observer of the runway is referred to you clearly when you can run your aircraft engine This ensures you that there is no one near you or in Alntgah.
- You can remove the pin with your hand, but very carefully in case there was no electric running first (Starter
- Try to get help when you move the plane to the runway.

VII: Rules of IBM EFE:
In addition to the above, all members are subject to the rules and regulations of the club, which must be hung in the air, and all those who violate these laws apply to it the violations set forth.
Aviation safety is not only the ideal plane, but personal safety of you too
Do not hesitate in question, and you can review the club in case of inquiry about any information.

VIII: Aircraft electric battery-powered rechargeable:
Prohibiting the use of aircraft electrical power, which depend on trans-shipment to poor transmission in this opportunity and Taira as the end of a collision with a large battery and therefore prevents it because it is a danger to the public.

IX: mobile phones and their impact on radio waves:
Prohibiting the use of cell phones (mobile) within or near the runway of the airport parking because it would affect the radio waves may act to disable the bug transmitter is located in the plane of your own.