RC Tracks of binona office is housed in a 25’ x 60’ heated/air conditioned building. The office is located 15 feet from and also over looks the race track. Complete with four 13’x 13′ private offices, two restrooms and a hobby shop.


We have eights sets of bleachers around the track that seat 250 to 300 spectators. RC Tracks has an asphalt parking lot that will accommodate over 800 cars.

Hospital & First Aid 

Located eight miles or five minutes west of the track is AL NOOR Hospital. This is one of the best hospitals in ALAIN .

Track & Layout

Our 1/8 scale track dimensions have been increased to 195ft in width and 125ft in length after we were awarded the hosting location for the 2016 Worlds. Our layouts consist of 15 foot wide lanes with 4″ corragated pipe secured to the surface by 12″ stakes to contain the cars to each racing lane. The track layouts have off-cambered, flat and bermed corners with 4 to 6 jump sections per layout, ranging from doubles, triples, step ups, whoops, elevation changes and tabletops. Lap times range from 40 to 45 seconds in length depending on the layout. The dimensions on the 1/10 scale track are 75ft in width and 100ft in length. The parameter of the tracks have a 4 foot tall chain link fence that is 5 feet away from the edge of the track. This borders the entire track and contains any runaway or out of control cars from reaching spectators or pit areas. We have imported 75 truck-loads of clay that has very few rocks. It compacts and holds together very well. The clay allows us to run it wet or dry. When dry, it takes rubber and grooves up well, giving medium to high bite traction without the use of any chemicals or additives, and does not break down. This insures equal track conditions for all qualifying heats and main events. Maintenance should be limited to leaf blowers and brooms to remove minor dust from the surface.

Impound Area & Security

Located on the drivers stand we will have a Radio impound area. A race official will be present to ensure each racer puts their transmitter in our secured transmitter impound area. RC Tracks will ensure that our staff member in charge of the impound area is familiar with the IFMAR rules in regards to transmitter impound and will enforce each rule.

Drivers Stand

Our drivers stand is 60 ft in length by 8 ft in width and constructed of two 20 foot shipping containers that support an 8 x 8 ft air conditioned and heated timing tower that overlooks the entire track. Newly added to the track is an on demand sprinkler system. At the flip of a switch, our race director can turn on 4 rain guns that spray a combined 400 gpm of water covering and watering the entire track in minutes.

Pit Spac

Our facility provides a covered shade structure with a cement foundation. Currently we have 21 pit tables that have power and chairs provided for each. This provides enough room for 84 racers. We will provide additional covered pit space and electricity to accommodate the 150 to 180 racers in attendance. Also available in the pit area, is a wash station with multiple water faucets to clean bodies, tires, parts, etc.

Technical Inspection Area

We have plenty of space for our tech inspection area and have enough pit tables in the tech area to hold 30 cars.

Parts & Accessories

RC Tracks of binona  will have a fully stocked hobby shop on site to provide racers with everything from fuel, glow plugs, tires, rims, manufacturers parts, after-market parts, etc. Also, in  ALAIN Valley there are four other hobby shops within 20 minutes of the track.

Food & Snacks

Our facility has a fully stocked kitchen with very reasonable pricing. Our menu consists of burgers, chicken fingers, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, chips, candy, water, slushies, etc. Also, across the street is alain mall it’s the most famous mall in alain city . There are many restaurants to choose.

Bathroom Facilities

We have permanent men’s and women’s bathrooms that will accommodate 100+ people and are handicap accessible from the track. If necessary, we may also bring in several temporary bathrooms.

Parking & Transportation:

RC Tracks of binona  has an asphalt parking lot with spaces to accommodate over 800 cars. In said parking lot, we will allow motor home and RV camping for the entire event. Each camper must provide their own water and power.

Media Planning & Internet Access:

Located 200 feet from the track is an enclosed area that faces the pits and track. This area will be used as our media room to accommodate all press for the event. Tables and chairs as well as internet will be provided. This space will be only for media and press to ensure they are able to provide the coverage and updates for each magazine, website or company they work for.






The property has ample parking space for campers and RVs, but if needed there are many campgrounds and KOA’s to choose from very close to the track.